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Thank you to all who joined our webinar on April 26, and a big thank you to our presenter, Rob […]

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Webinar – April 26 – The Poop Talk

The date of our first spring webinar has changed to April 26.  This was previously scheduled for March 24, as […]

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On July 28, 2020, the LBPOA Lake Steward Alan Burt hosted a webinar about blue green algae. To view the slides from this presentation, see the link below. Blue-green algae was positively identified in a number of locations on the lake in recent years, causing great concern and potential health risks to people and pets who come in contact with the water. Whether you can see the algae or not, swimming in or washing with the water when the bacteria is present can cause serious illness. All residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the appearance of blue-green algae. We encourage you to check your shorefront regularly. If you suspect you might see some blue-green algae on the lake, please immediately contact the Ministry Spills Action Centre at 1-800-268-6060 and they will arrange to test the water promptly. As your Association we would also appreciate being notified at
Click here for the presentation...
For instructions on how to perform the jar and stick procedures to test for blue-green algae, click the link below.
Click here for the test procedures...
For more information on the blue-green algae assessment protocol, click the link below.
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At the Annual General Meeting in July 2019, a report was provided. The following areas on the lake were identified as key sites for invasive phragmites on Lake Bernard last year and extensive work has been done by Marilee Koenderink, Steve O’Donnell and the Phragmites Working Group. Much success has been observed – and more needs to be done this year. Phragmites look like this. If you see these plants, there are VERY specific steps to remove them. DO NOT DIG THEM OUT! Contact the Phragmites Working Group at and they will send someone over to look at your lakefront. They can even help you cut and remove stands. They have the cane cutters, machetes, saws and machinery. (Update: Funding has also been received to hire people to do this work in 2020. Again, contact Marilee for more information or for help with your waterfront.) You can help in many ways! They need volunteers of all abilities to help in half day shifts even to hand out water. They also require donations to buy or rent the equipment needed and will be conducting fundraisers all summer. For more information at this time, we suggest you go to the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations’ 2017 guide “A Shoreline Owner’s Guide to Invasive Species.”
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For more information on protecting and caring for the health of our lake, the LBPOA has created the Lake Bernard Conservation Guide
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Caring for Lake Bernard


Why Become a Member?

Welcome new and returning Lake Bernard Property Owners!  Our board has been very busy and we hope you appreciate what we have been able to provide you, our members!

– We surveyed all town and township candidates for the 2018 Elections regarding their views on Septic Inspections, Invasive Species, Road Condition around the Lake and Lake Water Levels.  We hope you found their responses helpful when it came time to vote!

– We have had a LBPOA Director attend both the FOCA Fall & Spring Seminar and AGM to ensure our association is up to date on the work FOCA is doing on our association’s behalf (FOCA acts as an information bridge between policy-makers and property owners and thus is a resource for lake health, land use, rural safety and emergency preparedness in the face of extreme weather.  FOCA represents more than 500 Property Associations and as a result is also able to provide discounts to lake property owners on items ranging from insurance to docks!)

– We have provided support to those petitioning the Ministry of the Environment who asked that our lake level be lowered prior to winter.  As a result there has been no reported ice damage to lake property this year.

– We support the campaign to fight phragmites.

– We will be resuming regular testing of our lake water this year, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.

– We have implemented a new payment service offered by FOCA to its member associations.  The new payment service will allow us to collect dues more efficiently and connect with you more easily.  We hope you enjoy this new service.

– We introduced a new event called “Cheers to Summer!” This exciting event was held at the beginning of July to welcome members and kick off the summer season. It allowed new and old, cottagers and permanent lake residents to connect and have some fun. This was the first time a member event like this was hosted in years and we’re so glad that so many of you could come. Over 200 members and their guests attended. We are hoping to make this an annual event.

– We introduced LBPOA Golf in summer 2019! It was held at The Ridge on Sundays throughout July and August. We offered a drop in league for adults in the morning and drop in group lessons for kids in the afternoon. We hope to make this an annual tradition.

– We strive to provide the latest information, through our website, email and Facebook, regarding local happenings that may impact our members

– We have been working hard through a variety of means to not just retain members but to increase membership by improving actions and communication that show the great value in being a member of the Lake Bernard Property Owners Association…we hope you’ll agree!


Discounts for Members

Current members of the LBPOA are eligible for many discounts on purchases. For example:

Go to any time to check out current offers available to members like us! You need to have a current LBPOA membership to qualify.

Membership Dues

Members of the Lake Bernard Property Owners’ Association contribute $30 per family each year. Some of the funds are used for annual meetings, handouts and other administrative expenses. Water safety measures are funded as agreed upon by members, including the maintenance of buoys around the lake. Members also vote annually to make contributions to community services like the Sundridge Public Library, the Canada Day fireworks and the Splash Pad, all which are actively enjoyed by many members, and other initiatives may always be proposed by members at our annual meeting. The LBPOA Executive meet on a regular basis and work on issues raised by members such as community events, lake health, road quality and more.

Membership dues can be paid:

– Online, securely, at
– By e-mail to and use the password Bernard.
– By regular mail: Our mailing address is LBPOA, Box 428, Sundridge, Ontario, P0A 1ZO
– In person: pay your dues this year at our Cheers to Summer Event, Annual General Meeting or Sunflower Festival.

About Us

Who we are:
We are your Lake Bernard Property Owners’ Association, a community of property owners around the lake with a shared interest in protecting and improving the beautiful environment and community of Lake Bernard, Ontario. On this website we hope to keep you up to date with local news, events and issues you are interested in..

Our mission statement:
The LBPOA takes seriously our collective responsibility to preserve the legacy of our lake. We hope you will enjoy and help protect our most precious resource. We act:
a. To safeguard and promote the interests of the owners of real property in the district surrounding Lake Bernard,
b. To consider and promote all matters relating to the welfare of the community in the district surrounding Lake Bernard, and
c. To plan, recommend and promote the adoption of such measures as will tend to beautify and improve the community.

The largest freshwater lake in the world without an island:
Residents on the shores of beautiful Lake Bernard are passionate about our lake! Its claim to fame is as the largest fresh-water lake in the world without an island, but we know it as a large, quiet lake great for swimming, sailing, canoeing, waterskiing, fishing and so much more. The friendly community of Sundridge at the north end of Lake Bernard and the surrounding area around the lake offer holiday accommodations, great restaurants and all the services vacationers might need. Lake Bernard is truly a four-season lake with beautiful fall hiking and bicycling as well as winter snowmobiling, dog sledding, skating and ice fishing.

Our community:
For more information on Lake Bernard, the Village of Sundridge, the Township of Strong, our region known as the Almaguin Highlands and one of our largest festivals of the year, have a look at the following online resources:


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We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂


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  • Alan Burt
  • Andrew Vezina

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