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President’s Message

Dear members,

Your board is working hard to make things happen in these uncertain times. One of the new initiatives is a newsletter. We plan to distribute these on a seasonal basis. Outlined below please find our “Fall Newsletter” including a review of Summer 2020, projects we are working on over the Fall/Winter and plans for better days in Summer 2021. Please note our exciting “Roundtable on Lake Health” initiative. If you are interested, there are lots of places for you to be involved, make connections or volunteer.

Wishing you and your family a Thanksgiving filled with good health and happiness.

Take care,

Sherrie Berdusco
Lake Bernard Property Owners’ Association

Thanksgiving recipe exchange

A word that often comes to mind during this season of thanksgiving is “share”. In the spirit of this holiday, we ask our members to share their favourite Thanksgiving recipe. Whether it be a main course, side dish, appetizer, or dessert please send your recipe to as soon as you can in order that it may posted in time for Thanksgiving. Happy picking…looking forward to receiving your delicious selection! Be sure to check out our website to see all the shared recipes!

Summer 2020 in review

Lake health events

In July, the LBPOA hosted 2 webinars: one on Blue Green Algae, by Alan Burt, and one on Septic Systems, by Kathryn Maclean. Both were informative, well-attended and created great discussions.

Social events

This summer we tried to offer property owners opportunities to connect “Together Alone”. This included our Canada Day Celebration. On July 1st, The Northridge Inn and Resort and the Caswell Resort both played the national anthem on their outdoor speakers at 5:00pm on Canada Day. Any interested members were asked to stand on their dock on their shoreline, dress in Canadiana attire and sing the National Anthem.

In lieu of the Cheers to Summer event that normally would have happened on Friday, July 3rd, we suggested that members have their own bbq dinner and send in pictures.

On the morning of what was supposed to be the Pancake Breakfast fundraiser for the Fire Department, the LBPOA worked with the Sundridge-Strong Firefighters Association to have a virtual Pancake Breakfast. Almost $700 was raised. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

A new event this summer was the Pirate Boat Parade. This event had participants decorate their boats and their crew in a pirate theme and parade around the lake. Cookies were donated by The Northridge Inn to all boats. The parade participants were surprised and impressed at how many property owners came to their shorelines to wave us on! It was a fun community event and we plan to bring it back next summer since it was so successful.

Another new initiative this summer was the LBPOA Book Club. Thanks to Louise Brisbois for this fun event! Louise picked the book and hosted a discussion at the beautiful Children’s Centennial Park. Participants sat in the sunshine (properly spaced apart of course) and had a lovely discussion about the book, The Crooked Branch. This too, will be brought back next summer because it was so enjoyable.

A great time was had by all (30+ members!) who participated in the LBPOA’s 1st Annual “Shanks for the Memories” Golf Open & Social. Golfers of all ages and skill levels participated in the 9 hole Shot Gun Scramble (including a Longest Marshmallow Drive and Closest to the Boat!) while other members joined later for the post-Open BBQ. Thanks to The Ridge’s Mike & Shannon and the LBPOA member golf committee for making this (COVID-friendly) event such a success. Looking forward to next year!

Phragmites Working Group (PWG)

by Marilee Koenderink

The Phragmites Working Group Lake Bernard hosted 2 webinars:

  1. Lynn Short who is a Professor of Horticulture at Humber College presented on her non chemical research success with spading to remove phragmites on sandy shorelines: Her power point is found on the Tiny Township website here.
  2. Judith Jones lead for the Manitoulin Phragmites group outlined her phragmites removal work in the Manitoulin area. Here is a different presentation accessible on youtube here.

A small volunteer appreciation event was held and recognition given to: Jocelyn Palm and NNEEC the lead agency for the Ontario Trillium Seed Grant, to the 87 volunteers who assisted this season including the 10 youth under 15 that were very hard workers. We continue to ask for and receive guidance from the Invasive Phragmites Control Centre and have joined the Phragmites Adaptive Framework (PAMF) for management guidance for the large west end stand. Many thanks to the volunteers and supporters for a successful season, look for the season’s full report summarizing the 23 cutting events to be posted in late October on the NNEEC website.

For more information on PWGLB please contact Marilee at

Board update

Board report

The summer of 2020 brought some changes to the LBPOA Board. Firstly, we’d like to again welcome Sherrie Berdusco to her new board role of President. Secondly, we’d like to thank Bob Attwell, Kathryn Maclean, Vicki Whitmell and Erin Fleger for their service to the Association and wish them all the best. Finally, we are excited to announce a new Board Advisory Panel. The Board agreed it would be helpful to have the support and advice from individuals who have extensive history and experience with the LBPOA and/or issues affecting our Lake Health. These people will be non-voting members and will advise the Board on specific projects. Therefore, we are proud to announce that Doug Cuthbert, Steve Jones and Dale Klodnicki have offered to serve as our first LBPOA Board Advisors. We are grateful for their contributions and experience and passion for a healthy lake.

Your Board is here for you. Please let us know if you have any other ideas of things you’d like to see from your board and/or for your association. We appreciate your helpful feedback.

We love Lake Bernard and we proud to serve on the Board.

Your LBPOA Board of Directors:

Sherrie Berdusco President
Wendy Blackwell Crane Internal Communications/FOCA Liaison
Deb Booth Treasurer
Alan Burt Lake Steward
Andrew Vezina External Communications/ Information Technology

Lake health roundtable

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about having efficient septic systems on our lake. The impact of septic systems was included in the 2013 Conservation Guide, written in part by Doug Cuthbert and Jocelyn Palm. In Summer 2019, Doug Cuthbert presented to both the town and the township the need for septic inspections. Research has shown that septic leakage can contribute to the growth of blue green algae (BGA). As you probably already know, BGA can be toxic and there were confirmed sightings of it in Lake Bernard in early July.

One initiative we are very proud of was the September start up of a Roundtable on lake health. This LBPOA initiative includes:

  • The Township of Strong
  • The Village of Sundridge
  • Near North Enviro-Educational Centre
  • North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority
  • Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce
  • LBPOA (President, Lake Steward and Board Advisor)

This Roundtable will be meeting on a regular basis and will collaborate on lake health issues, the first of which is septic systems and its contribution to BGA. Please call/email Sherrie if you have any questions or would like more information. 647-300-7732 /

Lake health report

by Alan Burt, Lake Steward

The North Bay Public Health unit collected E. coli (bacteria) samples from Lion’s Park Beach and South Lake Bernard Beach in June, July and August. We had a clean result for bacteria so beaches were all open. The bacterial levels measured as of 12 August 2020 indicated that the lake water was safe for all uses except drinking – it’s not potable (safe to drink). For that you can only use the municipal source or the water from the well at the library in town or your own well.

During the summer of 2020 the annual Lake Partner Program (LPP) water quality sampling for Lake Bernard was cancelled due to COVID-19 related laboratory closure. This included water quality sampling for total phosphorus (TP) and calcium which usually takes place a few weeks after ice out.

Secchi disc readings, a measure of water clarity and indirect measure of lake productivity, were taken by the LBPOA on 4 occasions during July and August in the four long term sampling locations around the lake. Results indicated an increase in clarity at all four lake stations to just over 5m.

In addition, there was one blue green algae bloom in July. This bloom followed a period of hot, calm conditions as predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac. The North Bay Public Health Unit posted signs around the lake. Please note that the Northwest Health Unit based out of Sudbury indicated that water was likely safe to use 2 weeks after a bloom was no longer visible.

The conditions leading to increasing negative pressure on the lake’s lake trout population as well increasing the likelihood of blue green algal blooms still exist. The community around the lake needs to limit overall algae and macrophyte production to reduce the levels of oxygen depletion in the deeper waters. This can be accomplished by decreasing sources of TP from all accessible sources to limit plant productivity. To accomplish this we need to find the major sources (e.g., septic systems) so that we can control TP contributions to the lake. As part of this, a water quality study to determine the inputs and output of TP from lake sources is planned to start in the spring of 2021. The potential input streams around the lake have been identified and relative flow rates established.

Over the winter, other parts of the TP budget will be obtained, including estimated TP inputs from different land uses around the lake.

Treasurer’s report

by Deb Booth, Treasurer

Financial Update:
Bank Balance to Date: $3194.42
GIC Balance at Renewal: $2652.81
Total Assets: $5847.23

The board has decided to renew the GIC for another year.

We appreciate that this year has been a very different one for all our membership. Typically members pay their annual dues at our new Cheers to Summer! event or at our Annual General Meeting. Many have either paid via FOCA, e-transfer or by cheque. We appreciate receiving these funds and would ask those of you that have not paid yet, to please do so. Your funds allow us to purchase important lake health equipment such as flow meter rental costs.


Thanks to all who have paid your dues for 2020-2021! If you haven’t, please go to Don’t forget, your LBPOA membership also entitles you to benefits offered through FOCA with Cade Insurance, Dock in a Box, Sawmill Structures, Cottage Life Magazine and more! Please see the FOCA website for a full offering of benefits or click here.


Over the past year, we have worked to improve communication with our members. We were able to arrange a transfer of the domain from our friends from Lac Bernard in Quebec, and have built a new website, which we can build upon in the future, including a members only area that is planned for this winter. We created new email accounts, including and, and have sent several communications to members over the course of the summer.

To keep in touch with us, please:

Phragmites Working Group

We have been working closely with the Phragmites Working Group (PWG). By attending PWG meetings, your board is able to advise members of all of the cut dates as well as any of their events. We are very grateful for all of the hard work of LBPOA Member, and PWG Lead Marilee Koenderink. She is incredibly organized and mobilizes so many volunteers to do very important work: eradicating phragmites from Lake Bernard.

Projects we’re working on over the fall/winter/spring

Lake health initiatives

As previously mentioned in the lake health report, Lake Steward Alan Burt will be working on a water quality study to determine the input and output of TP to identify the major contributing sources (e.g., septic systems).

Lake Bernard clothing

We plan to organize an order of Lake Bernard branded clothing over the next few months.

Welcome package

One of the initiatives for this fall/winter will be a joint venture between the LBPOA and the PWG in the form of a “Welcome Package” to new property owners. This will include a “welcome to the lake” letter with information on becoming an LBPOA member and tips on how to keep the lake healthy.

FOCA webinars

It is probable that FOCA will be hosting some webinars over the fall/winter/spring. We will be sure to let you know of any upcoming webinars.

Projects we’re thinking about working on

The following items are on our “nice to do” list. If you have any knowledge or interest in any of them, please let us know. We are happy to have your insight and experience. Please contact us at or call Sherrie at 647-300-7732.

  • Archives: history of our association, longest members, memorable moments in our history, history of each cottage/property; preserving our history
    and heritage.
  • By-law review: The By-laws were originally written in 1964 and revised in 2012. It is probably time for a review.
  • Real estate connections: it might be nice to add to our website properties that are for sale or rent; or a review of properties sold recently.

Summer 2021

We are hopeful that the world will be in a place where are able to come together in a way that is more familiar to us. With this in mind, we will be looking to run:

  • One or two lake health webinars
  • Cheers to Summer
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Boat Parade
  • Book Club
  • Golf Tournament

Of course, like this year, we will adjust plans if necessary. Please be sure we have your updated email address in order to keep you well informed.

Other happenings from around the lake

Near North Enviro-Education Centre

The NNEEC is hosting a Northern Innovation Symposium titled “Our Health – Taking On The Environment”. Please click here for details:

The Northridge Inn & Resort

The restaurant at The Northridge Inn and Resort is open October 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. And, on October 11th there will be a special Thanksgiving meal. For bookings please email
Open on those dates for Breakfast 8-12 and Dinner 5-8.30 pm. Reservations essential. We are grateful for the support.

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