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The Lake Bernard Property Owners’ Association is launching the “Love Your Lake” program in 2023, supported by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. The programme has run on many lakes across central Ontario.

an image showing lakes across central Ontario that are participating in the Love Your Lake programme
This map shows pins on all the lakes participating in the Love Your Lake programme

Here are some details on What People Are Saying About Love Your Lake.

  • 86% of shoreline property owners found the personalized pages of their property report useful.
  • 89% of shoreline property owners found the shoreline information resource section of their property report useful.
  • 90% of shoreline property owners are more knowledgeable about healthy shorelines after reading their shoreline property report.
  • 86% of shoreline property owners would recommend other property owners on their lake to order and read their personal shoreline property reports.

Some quotes from shoreline property owners:

“Excellent program and much appreciated, thank you! Plantings, wood debris and other vegetation may not be fully completed but it is an ongoing goal to improve our natural waterfront landscape to the best of our ability.”

“This was an incredibly large and detailed study and I am in complete admiration of the lake association’s work on educating and assisting in the health of our lakeshore.”

“Great initiative to educate property owners and keep the natural beauty & pristine water conditions of our lake.”

“So happy to have this program! Thank you! This will start a process of greater awareness among cottagers in knowing how to protect our shorelines, the riparian zone and therefore the quality of the lake.”

“Woefully ignorant of the impact our shoreline had on the wildlife we so enjoy at our beloved cottage, we thank you for this excellent shoreline property report. We are committed to assuming improved stewardship for our shoreline and property.”

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