In 2019 we met with local officials to discuss the prevention of Blue-Green Algae and measures which can be taken at the township or village level. All parties are again reviewing the accepted science and discussing septic systems, safe shorelines, fertilizer use and more. We are also working with FOCA to ask them to take on this issue with us provincially. To share your thoughts we welcome your emails at and look forward to seeing you each year at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is held the Saturday morning following the Canada Day weekend each year.

Blue-Green Algae

Blue-green algae was positively identified in a number of locations on the lake at the end of a few recent summers, causing great concern and potential health risks to people and pets who come in contact with the water. Whether you can see the algae or not, swimming in or washing with the water when the bacteria is present can cause serious illness.

Calcium and Phosphorous Levels

At the AGM in 2019, Lake Steward Alan Burt reported that our calcium levels are fine in Lake Bernard. Our total phosphorous levels are at the maximum level they can be in order to keep the lake trout alive in our lake. In order to keep those levels down, we need to maintain safe septic systems, stop fertilizer use and keep natural shorelines (rather than lawns) that will reduce runoff into the lake.

Lake Steward’s Report (2019)

LBPOA Lake Steward Alan Burt presented a slide show to members at the 2019 AGM and took many questions and comments after the meeting.


At the Annual General Meeting in July 2019, a report was provided. The following areas on the lake were identified as key sites for invasive phragmites on Lake Bernard last year and extensive work has been done by Marilee Koenderink, Steve O’Donnell and the Phragmites Working Group. Much success has been observed – and more needs to be done.

Lake Bernard Conservation Guide

For more information on protecting and caring for the health of our lake, find the LBPOA-created Lake Bernard Conservation Guide here.